那個叫小楊的男生,一個普通瞭不能再普通的男生The name is Xiao Yang's boys, a common cannot again ordinary boy他有一顆善良的心,一雙滿是傷疤的手He has a good heart, a pair of hand full of scars遠遠的臉蛋,幽默的他比較內向Far face, humorous compared to his是個多愁善感的人,上帝賜給他最好的禮物就是他的嘴唇Is always melancholy and moody man, God gave him the best gift is his lips跟擦瞭口紅會似的,如果是你跟他單獨相處、With lipstick would like, if you are alone with him,對他的唇請勿觀看太久,以免犯罪On his lips do not watch too long, lest the crime雖然法律上沒有這樣的規定,但是他的終身大事是這樣規定的Although the law did not such a provision, but his marriage is such a requirement嘿嘿。。。75公斤的身材絕對是微胖界的小男生-----小楊哥哥Hey. 75 kg of body is absolutely low bound boy - Yang Gege他是一個安靜的人,他的創作靈感很好He was a quiet man, his inspiration is very good從小學的時候他的作文就非常被老師認可From primary school when his composition was very Teacher Recognition可能也是因為這一點,她的淚水特別多Probably because of this, her tears special一個很感性的男生,隻可惜一些難以啟齒的往事讓他走進瞭職業學校A sensitive boy, but some unmentionable past him into the occupation school那年剛學會玩QQ的時候,他的網名就叫“淚的方程式”That year, just learn QQ when playing, his name is called" equation of tears"一次機會,讓我看到他背包裡的一個很精致,很漂亮的木雕A chance, let me see his bag of a very delicate, very beautiful wood carvings我問他,這是你自己畫瞭雕的嗎?I asked him, is it your own painted carving?是啊,一個很肯定的答案Yes, a very definite answer我說那你學美術一定很有出息I said that you must be very promising Art他對我笑瞭笑,然後搖下頭說“'He smiled at me, and then shake his head." '“天意難違啊”" Providence prevailed"是啊,天意難違啊,雖然說很多事情我們都可以改變Yes ah, heaven hard against the ah, although a lot of things we can change但是有時候我們連改變的想法都沒有瞭But sometimes we even have no idea of change有些事情明明知道是錯的,可我們甘心讓他一錯再錯Some things I know are wrong, we willing to let him.他說:成功不是坐享其成,被碰到釘子那裡會覺得疼呢?He said that: success is not secure, is when a nail there will feel pain?我舉雙手贊成他的說法,很多時候I applaud his claims, most of the time就連一份感情,如果有一個人變得懶惰瞭,變得不懂得怎麼付出瞭Even a affection, if a person become lazy, do not know how to pay more那麼就算另外那個人在怎麼愛你,疼你,他也會有厭倦的那天So even if the other person in how to love you, love you, he will have tired of the day更何況是一件事情,,雖然說有付出不一定有回報Moreover, it is a thing,, although there does not necessarily have to pay return但是我很相信沒有付出就永遠沒有回報,現實就是這麼的殘酷But I believe that no pains, no return, reality is so cruel人生就那麼短短的幾十年,不需要有多精彩,但要充滿愛Life is so short a few years, do not need to have a more wonderful, but should be full of love對自己還一點,對身邊的人好一點To him a little, to the people around him good point今生太有緣相聚到一起,下輩子不一定還會遇到This life is destined to come together, the next life not necessarily will encounter親情,愛情,友情缺一不可,如果你忽略其中一個Affection, love, friendship, if you ignore one那你會失去很多,我們要坐到擁有的何時去的成正比Then you will lose a lot of, we want to have when the proportional to就當是給自己一個相對論時刻的提醒著自己When is your a relativistic time to remind myself因為有些東西是去瞭就真的不能再擁有Because some things are going really no longer have那個叫小楊的男生還是一個煙鬼The name is Xiao Yang's male or a heavy smoker我曾經看到一隻煙被他四口就抽完瞭,而且煙灰都還沒有落下I once saw a cigarette in his four export smoked, and ash are also not fall我打心底的佩服他,他喜歡用煙來表達自己的心情I admire him from the bottom of my heart, he likes to use smoke to express his feelings他抽煙比較緩慢的時候那說明他有心事He smokes more slowly when it means something on his mind他抽煙抽得比較快的時候那說明他很著急He smokes more quickly when it means he is anxious呵呵。。。Ha-ha.他就是那個善良,普通,安靜,純樸,多愁善感的男生He is the kind, ordinary, simple, quiet, always melancholy and moody boys那個叫小楊的男生That little young boys



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